When A Deer Looks In Your Window…

Oregon Black Tail Deer

I was working on my blog when this deer appeared at my window, five feet away. 

I was working on my blog about the Archeological Museum of Naples this morning when I looked up and saw a black tail deer staring in the window. She was about five feet away. I think she wanted to know what I was doing inside on a beautiful spring day.

Fortunately I had my camera next to me so I snapped her picture. Soon after she and two of her companions had bedded down in our back yard and were sniffing the daffodils.

Deer proof daffodil

A friend had given us daffodil bulbs and promised the deer wouldn’t eat them. So far, so good.

I decided she was right. What was I doing inside on a beautiful spring day? So I shut down my MacBook, grabbed my camera and went for a walk. The Archeological Museum could wait another day. I decided to blog about our home here in Southern Oregon.

Our front yard this morning on a beautiful spring day.

Our front yard this morning on a beautiful spring day.

Our back yard this morning.

Our backyard this morning.

We live about 30 miles west of Medford and five miles north of the California border, out in the woods, so to speak.  The Red Buttes of the Siskiyou Mountain Range and the beautiful Applegate River are out front. Our property borders on close to a million acres of national forest land and wilderness in back.

Red Buttes of Siskiyou Mountains on Southern Oregon border.

The view of the Red Buttes from our patio and front room. They are still snow-covered.

Applegate River

The beautiful Applegate River flows through our front yard. This is a fall picture.

Our elevation is 2000 feet, just high enough for three or four snowstorms that always manage to melt off in a day or two. Our five acres are totally wooded and include Ponderosa Pines, White Oaks, Red Cedars, Madrone, and Douglas Fir. A small spring provides water for the wildlife in summer.

Deer, fox, skunks and a multitude of squirrels consider our property home. An occasional bear drops by and my neighbors tell me that a cougar comes down off the mountain on occasion. A couple of months ago a coyote checked us out.

Yesterday we watched a Red Tailed Hawk pick up a small ground squirrel. (Peggy squealed so loud in delight, the hawk dropped the squirrel.) Last fall I watched a Golden Eagle grab a snake in our front yard.  A pair of Bald Eagles nest near by and a large Pileated Woodpecker makes the forest ring with his pounding. Numerous species of birds either live here year around or migrate through in the spring and fall.

If I seem to be in love with the area, I am. Peggy and I moved here two years ago after wrapping up a three-year exploration of North America in a 22-foot RV. I don’t think we’ll be moving again. (grin) Here are some more photos taken at various times of the year.

A large Douglas Fir covered with a fresh coating of snow lives in our front yard.

A large Douglas Fir covered with a fresh coating of snow lives in our front yard.

Southern Oregon Forest

Another view of the Oregon forest from our bedroom.

One of the bucks that considers our property part of his territory.

One of the bucks that considers our property part of his territory. This is a fall photo.

Interesting clouds over Red Buttes

Sunset over the Red Buttes.

NEXT BLOG: Back to Naples and the Archeological Museum (Unless it is too nice outside.)




12 thoughts on “When A Deer Looks In Your Window…

    • Peggy and I wandered all over the US looking for where we going to land Koji. Then, we came through here. I was doing genealogical research on my family. I have grandparents, great grandparents and great, great grandparents buried in the area. We fell in love with this region and then spent a year looking at property… so a lot of thought went into picking this place. Oh yes, it also had to be affordable. (grin)

  1. Nice photos Curt. We lived in Oregon for a couple of years, one in Eugene, and another in Newport on the coast. We particularly enjoyed the coast. It was a new experience for both of us, and we look back on it fondly. ~James

    • Thanks James… I was born in Ashland but had moved to California by one… Had an uncle in Newport so visited there growing up. Love the Oregon and Northern California Coast. Peg and I are heading over there next week.

  2. Some people get the luck of the draw.. you and Peggy definitely got the long stick.. I absolutely would faint each day from the beauty if I lived in such a place,.. so beautiful.. (Need a maid or yard-girl? 😉

    • Maid or yard girl works. (grin) Luck and perseverance I might add. I think our realtor was ready to kill us before we finally made a choice. Beautiful and inexpensive are hard to fit together!

    • There are plenty of opportunities for mountain biking around here… plus road biking. I once ran bike treks up and down the North Coast of California. Actually set a tour up in your territory as well.

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