The Murky Depths of the Amazon’s Rio Negro… The Passport Series

The Tropical Hotel in Manaus Brazil.

Having survived swimming in piranha-infested waters, Peggy played Titanic. The Peripatetic Bone decided to get into the act by posing on the rail. The boat lurched and Bone was on his way to reside forever in the murky depths of the Rio Negro. I leapt and made a saving catch as he went over the edge.

Having gone swimming in the piranha-infested waters of the Amazon, Peggy tempted fate again by doing her Titanic pose.

The Peripatetic Bone poses on railing of the M/V Amazon Clipper shortly before he went plummeting toward the murky depths of the Rio Negro.

After being rescued from his fall, Bone was limited to more prosaic activities, such as steering the boat.

We were wrapping up our tour on the M/V Amazon Clipper. There was the village of Novo Alrao to visit and a jungle walk to take. Then we would return to the Tropical Hotel in Manaus. Good-looking Latin men with sharp knives seemed to lurk everywhere. I told Peggy, “No, you can’t bring one home.”

One of our guides. Nice smile, sharp knife/machete.

One of the women applied the word “hunk” to this machete wielding Amazonian who was demonstrating how to open Brazil Nuts. Brazil Nuts, BTW, live in heavy pods high in the trees. Getting hit by one can cause serious damage.

A touch of Disney in the village of Novo Alrao. I assume the building was an elementary school.

I thought this dog in Novo Alrao, Brazil was quite handsome although his ears made his head look small.

These Amazon River boats were beached at the edge of the village.

A Brazilian houseboat came in for resupply when we were in Novo Ariau. Ten of the world’s largest rivers are found in the Amazon Basin. Living and traveling on these rivers makes sense.

I was much more concerned about the soldiers with automatic weapons who filled the Tropical Hotel in Manaus than I was the guys with the machetes. The soldiers surrounded the hotel and were posted in every corridor, at the swimming pool and in the restaurant. A serious looking gunboat cruised back and forth in front of the hotel’s dock.

A sign posted in front of the hotel welcomed the Defense Ministers of North and South America. We had been invaded. We were lucky to still have a room. To escape from constant surveillance, we took a taxi into Manaus to visit the Opera House, public market and waterfront.

Manaus, Brazil has a large colorful market, which is a must see stop on a tour of the city.

The Manaus waterfront. The market is located in the reddish buildings on the right. The boats in the foreground serve as the major form of transportation up and down the Amazon River. Captains wait for the boats to fill before leaving. It can take several days. Passengers bring their hammocks and sleep on the boat.

That night we took photos of the sunset and then finished up our stay by playing cribbage with another couple that had been on the Amazon Clipper with us. He was a CPA out of Texas who specialized in loopholes and apparently cribbage. We were severely trounced. The next day we made the long flight back to Sacramento. Our Amazon adventure was over.

A beautiful sunset capped off our visit to Brazil and the Amazon Rainforest.

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