The Shadowy World of Burning Man

I loved the personality of this goat sculpture at Burning Man. Its shadow also has a great deal of character. Note the tail and ears.

OK, I admit to a slight play on words for this blog. What I am talking about is photographing shadows. At Burning Man, or anywhere else for that matter, focusing on shadows provides a different, and I think interesting, perspective. The bright sun combined with the light brown of the playa provides a unique opportunity for shadow photography. Following are some of my favorites.

The mutant vehicles of Burning Man provide great subjects for shadow photos. This one, obviously, was from the Praying Mantis vehicle.


Another mutant vehicle of Burning Man. The question here is which is more scary: the vehicle or its shadow?


Speaking of scary shadows, this guy is from a spider 'mount' on a Burning Man merry-go-round. Little kids might view it as a 'night-mare.'


I liked the complexity of this shadow reflecting a Death Guild Chopper. Is this the shadowy side of Burning Man?


Bicycles, rather than choppers, are the chosen mode of transportation at Burning Man. Out of respect for participants, I've never posted a photo of the CT parade where over a thousand women joyfully ride topless. This is my first. Was I discreet enough?


The shadow of the Man is feeling a little fuzzy in this photo. Maybe he is contemplating the 2012 ticket sale.


Shadows can also enhance the art of Burning Man as this sculpture of flight demonstrates.


This young woman in her Burning Man costume has a lovely pair of wings but I found the shadow of the wings equally interesting.


Looking down from the Man, these shadows are more solid than the Burners.


My friends, Ken and Leslie Lake at Burning Man with their shadows, holding hands, holding hands.

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