Is Occupy Wall Street an Anarchic Plot to Destroy America? Peter King Thinks So.

“If you are not rich, blame yourself.”                                                                                                                                                                    Herman Cain

I’ve been watching the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement with fascination. Like another recent phenomenon of American politics, the Tea Party, it has a strong grass-roots element and is concerned with the direction America is traveling.

Similarities stop there.

The right leaning Tea Party is concerned with excesses in the public sector and wishes to limit government and taxes. OWS is tilted the other direction and is primarily concerned with the private sector. Its message: Excessive greed is bad for America.

Not surprisingly, many of America’s most wealthy people find the OWS movement disturbing. The above quote from Herman Cain is his response to the protestors. While the quote might slip by in Cain’s former role as CEO of Godfather Pizza, it seems inappropriate and unintelligent coming from a leading contender for the Republican nomination for President.

Whether you agree with Cain or not, one thing is certain, you won’t get rich by working for Godfather Pizza. I checked the Pizza giant’s online job application at As a ‘team’ member you can expect to be paid between $7-9 per hour. A cook can earn an extra buck. And the Assistant Manager, who’s job it is to supervise the whole shift, can earn a whopping $8 plus.

I found the statements on Occupy Wall Street by Peter King, chair of Congressional Committee on Home Land Security, to be even more disturbing, particularly the last quote:

“The fact is that these people are anarchists. They have no idea of what they are doing out there.”

“(They are) a bunch of 1960 do overs trying to create chaos.”

“They have no sense of purpose other than a basic anti-American tone and anti-capitalist.”

“We have to be careful not to allow this (movement) to get legitimacy. I am taking this seriously in that I am old enough to remember what happened in the 1960s when the left wing took to the streets and somehow the media glorified them and it ended up setting policy. We can’t allow that to happen.”

I, too, am old enough to remember the 60s. Just what policies that received their impetus from the 60’s would King eliminate? How about Civil Rights? Does King believe that black people should be forced to sit in the back of the bus? Or what about the equality of women? Is it wrong for women to earn equal pay for equal work or be allowed into higher levels of corporate management or the White House? Or what about the environmental movement? Does King believe our water and air should be clogged with deadly pollutants or that the last of the ancient redwoods should be cut down?

And the list goes on and on. The majority of people protesting in the 60s and 70s were patriotic Americans concerned about the future of the nation, just like the majority of people protesting in the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

It’s the Peter Kings that I worry about.

In my next blog I will travel back in time to UC Berkeley in 1965 where I participated in the beginnings of the 60’s struggle for human rights.

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