Welcome to Bone’s World

Travelling through Arizona without official papers, 'Senor' Bone sunbathes on a Saguaro while watching out for state and federal agents.

This is it, Bone’s blog. And no, I am not Bone. My name is Curtis Mekemson. My wife Peggy and I participate in, or one might say facilitate, Bone’s wandering ways. Like the ubiquitous gnome, Bone shows up in some rather unique places. Burning Man is an example.

Peripatetic means to wander about. It’s a good description for Bone. The word has a long and honorable past reaching all the way back to ancient Greece and Aristotle.

You can learn about Bone’s 34 years of roaming the world by clicking on the various items included in the sidebar. I’d suggest you start with About where I introduce what we hope to accomplish with this blog. Journeys provides an overview of Bones adventures and the places he has been.  In Questions he personally responds to the ten things people commonly ask him. In the interest of transparency, the first question is whether he talks, or not.

Stories is designed to present more extensive tales from Bone’s past. The initial anecdote describes how he is found. Raging rivers, naked leaping ladies, treacherous snow, dog stew, hypothermia, Kamikaze mosquitoes and a butt biting rattle snake are all included. What’s more, it is all true with the possible exception of a horse eating bear. Don’t miss it.

Since Peggy and I are integral members of this voyage de trois, there is also bio information on us. The real question here is how a nice, conservative Midwestern girl and elementary school principal ends up marrying a man with a checkered past who talks to a bone.

I enjoy writing and photography as well as adventures. In addition to wandering the world and disappearing into the woods on a regular basis, I have spent much of my life as a health and environmental activist. I believe we need to give back to our community as well as take from it, that we need to participate in shaping our future. This blog reflects these passions and encompasses stories from my past and present.

The blog is evolving. For example, I had no idea in 2010 when I started this blog that genealogy, the search for dead people, would hold such fascination for me. Now it has become one of my primary excuses for wandering. Peggy, Bone and I have spent a great deal of time in graveyards.

Neither did I know we would end up buying five acres of land in rural Oregon which backs up to over one million acres of national forest. Now I can write about visiting bears and invading Star Thistle.

I don’t have a clue what tomorrow may bring for Bone, Peggy and I but you are invited to come along on the journey. I hope you will join us.

Bone barely escapes falling into Piranha infested waters during an Amazon River photo shoot.

Bone visits the graveyard of retired ice cream flavors at the Ben and Jerry's plant in Vermont.

5 comments on “Welcome to Bone’s World

  1. This is going to be a fantastic adventure – following the travels of Bone! Can’t wait to see what kind of trouble he gets into…sort of like his owners.
    I’m just a little partial, I know they will take good care of him.

  2. Absolutely delightful reading. I can’t believe I am spending part of my day off reading your stories and really enjoying them. I have not picked up my ‘hard to put down’ book since. The intro to Bone’s existence helped peek my interest even though I’ve heard the story before.

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