Fire in the Night: The Man Burns… Burning Man 2015

Intense flames engulf the Man at Burning Man 2015.

Intense flames engulf the Man at Burning Man 2015, reminding me of the power of fire.

People were cooking bacon over the smoldering ashes of the Man, symbolically reminding me that life goes on. Regardless. Others were collecting remnants of the tall sculpture: pieces of metal that refused to burn in the conflagration, even bits of wood and ash. These were souvenirs meant to be put up on the mantle or stored away as memorabilia. I stopped and watched for a few minutes before moving on. It was my last day at Burning Man 2015 and I was sure there was art lurking out on the Playa that I had somehow missed. Plus there were several sculptures that I wanted to revisit, to admire one last time.

Burning Man at night is a different world from Burning Man during the day. There is fairytale magic in the air as Black Rock City comes alive and colorfully lit mutant vehicles, bicycles, and Burners make their way though the temporary city, parade up and down the Esplanade, and move out into the desert. Dragons, ducks, ships, a rhino, an octopus and a myriad of other creatures breathe fire into the night. Acres of dust are turned into gyrating dance floors while shows ranging from burlesque to circuses entice burners in. Even the art takes on a different persona— some pieces shoot out flames, some burn, and all are lit up in ingenious ways. As wild as each night is, the burning of the Man exists in a class by itself.

Sixty thousand people plus and several hundred mutant vehicles gather in a huge circle around the Man. Music booms out into the night, a thousand fire dancers work their twirling magic, fireworks light the sky, and the Man burns, at first standing tall, arms outstretched, and then eventually falling— as Burners catch their breath in anticipation and then yell together in celebration. The deafening sound echoes out across the desert and then is absorbed into the night.

I like to wander around the night of the burn, as opposed to sitting in the dust for two hours. My tailbone doesn’t have the same sense of humor it once did and I enjoy the night look of mutant vehicles. I catch glimpses of the fire dancers as I go, but stop to watch the fireworks and burn. Here are some of my photos from 2015.

People perch on El Pulpo Mechanico at Burning Man and watch as the Man burns.

People perch on El Pulpo Mechanico at Burning Man and watch as the Man burns.

This one-eyed, toothed monster was one of several hundred mutant vehicles at the burn.

This one-eyed, toothed monster was one of several hundred mutant vehicles at the burn. I like his yum sign up on top.

A seahorse was accompanied by a jelly fish and other ocean life.

A seahorse was accompanied by a jelly fish and other ocean life.

Unicycle, or...

A very unique bicycle built for two.

Splendid tail feathers.

Splendid tail feathers.

Sharp teeth, and I suspect, a fiery breath.

Sharp teeth, and I suspect, a fiery breath.

Exotic bug? It's dome back made a good viewing station to watch the Man burn.

Exotic bug? Its dome trailer in back made a good viewing platform to watch the Man burn.

Fish mutant vehicles at night Burning Man 2015

No doubt about this water creature. Fun fins.

I am thinking grass hopper here.

I am thinking bee here. And it looks angry.

My search for unique mutant vehicles stops immediately when the fireworks start.

I stop wandering when the fireworks start. The Man’s head can be seen on the right between the two columns.

The fireworks can be intense with dozens of explosions going off at once.

The fireworks can be intense with dozens of explosions going off at once.

Red spotlights set the man off against the fireworks.

Red spotlights set the man off against the fireworks. We were standing on the side instead of in front of the Man, so we had a side view. His arms are always raised to announce the beginning of fireworks show. Immediately following the fireworks, the Man begins to burn.

Man burns at Burning Man 2015 1

Ghost-like, the man’s head appears out of the flames.

Man burns at Burning Man 2015 2

And then disappears.

Don Green took this photo.

Don Green took this photo that shows the burning platform and the Man’s arm, no longer held aloft.

Man burns at Burning Man 2015 4

I caught a pair of rabbit ears in this shot. The Man has become a skeleton of his previous self.

And eventually, even that is burned away.

And eventually, even that is burned away, leaving one center pole and the metal structure.

And finally, he begins to fall, bringing an to the burn.

And finally, what remains begins to fall as 60,000 plus people cheer.

This marks the end of my 2015 Burning Man series. I hope you have enjoyed viewing it as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

I’ll be out of touch for a couple of weeks as Peggy and I head off to Alaska to visit our son and his family. They’ve urged us to come up and join them at the Fur Rendezvous in Anchorage and the World Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks. We will be taking the train up to Fairbanks from Anchorage. Altogether, I suspect there will be some good blogs to come out of the experience. To fill in the blanks while we are gone, I am reposting some blogs from our trip up to Alaska three-years ago. —Curt

The Burning of the Man… Burning Man 2012

The single event that pulls all of the Burning Man community together is the burning of the Man that takes place on Saturday night.

Burning Man is about the many things I have described in this series of posts over the past few weeks… and much more. But ultimately, as the name suggests, it is about the burning of the Man. It is the single event that pulls the whole community together and provides closure for the Burning Man experience.

Black Rock City becomes a ghost town on Saturday evening as 50,000 Burners walk, climb on bikes and cram onto mutant vehicles (standing room only) in a mass exodus to the Playa.  Best costumes are donned. Lights are applied. Two-way streets become clogged one-way thoroughfares.

The sun has set by the time members of the Horse-Bone Tribe have wrapped up dinner and used up several containers of light sticks decorating our steeds and selves. It is critically important to be seen as we wend our way though thousands of people over dark, dusty roads on our way out to the Man. We also need to see each other. Getting lost from the group is ever so easy.

Bikes and people are decorated with lights in preparation for our journey out to the Playa.

Scout and Adios, two tribe members, have determined the best place to be. It isn’t about seeing; there isn’t a bad location. It’s about which way the wind blows. Downwind means dust and smoke, lots of it.

Preparations go on at the Man all day Saturday. Early in the morning the area is blocked off.  If you haven’t already made your obligatory visit, it’s too late. All week people have been gathering at the Man during the day and using him as a beacon at night. Now he is being stuffed with fireworks and prepared to burn.

From Monday through Friday, the Man on his base dominates the Playa and Black Rock City serving both as a land mark and as a gathering place. While the Man remains the same every year, his base changes. Bikes and people at the base provide a perspective on size.

As the outside structure changes each year, the internal structure does as well. What is common among the various internal structures is that Burners can climb up and view Black Rock City and the Playa. The 2012 structure was built without the use of nails or screws. (Photo by Tom Lovering)

At night, the Man serves as a welcome beacon helping Burners find their way… or get un-lost.

When we finally break out onto the Playa and approach the Man, we enter a surreal world of large concentric circles dominated by gloriously lit mutant vehicles, pounding music, fire, and swirling masses of dancing, gyrating, strolling costumed Burners.

Burning Man staff members have set up a rope barrier at a safe distance from the Man. Sitting next to it is considered a prime location and people show up hours early to get seats, i.e. to sit in the dirt. Behind the rope are several rows of seated people and then even more rows of standing people. Next is a broad walkway, a boulevard if you will, where Burners dance, show off costumes and make their way around the huge circle. Hundreds of mutant vehicles form the outer rim.

We arrive at our hopefully dust free site, secure our bikes, and split. While most of our group heads for the inner circle, Peggy and I stick to the boulevard. My rear has little tolerance for sitting in the dirt for two hours and I prefer the action of the boulevard. What we miss in watching fire dancers we will make up for in admiring the colorful mutant vehicles.

I am a huge fan of mutant vehicles. On the night of the burn they form a huge circle around the Man. The larger vehicles provide a great platform for viewing the burn… and dancing. Many are outfitted with mega-music systems.

This vehicle at the 2012 burning of the Man provided a great place to hang out. (grin)

This vehicle at Burning Man 2012 featured a flower garden. The rooster? to the right shoots out flames, another common characteristic of mutant vehicles.

Here, a bug eyed dragonfly rests next to a tropical jungle. The opportunity to walk around and see mutant vehicles is my primary reason for not sitting down to see the show on the night of the burn.

We can still see the fire dancers. Hundreds form groups inside of the rope barrier and each group has a drum-dominated band. Shortly after we arrive, the show begins as dozens of choreographed companies twirl poi balls, staffs and fans of flame. Participants have practiced all week, some all year and some for years. Peggy and I move in closer to watch the show and then return to the boulevard.

Hundreds of fire dancers accompanied by bands and organized in groups or companies provide entertainment before the Man is burned. By wandering around on the boulevard, we missed a close up of the show. New Burners should come early and claim front row seats in the dirt.

A brief silence descends as the fire dances end and the lighting ceremony commences. Flames leap upward in the structure surrounding the Man and fireworks shoot toward the sky. Suddenly the man bursts into flame accompanied by a great shout from the crowd. Huge tornado like dust storms go whirling off.

The burning of the Man is accompanied by an incredible fireworks display worthy of a major city’s Fourth of July celebration. In this year’s burn, the Man caught on fire earlier than usual.

Fireworks continues for 30 minutes, or at least it seems to. There are always some rockets that go off late in the burn. The Man raises his arms when they catch fire.

I like this shot of the Burning Man 2012 because it captures the intensity of the fire. Note: Both arms are now raised.

Another shot of the Burning Man 2012 that shows his legs and the underlying structure.

The intensity of the flames created by the burning of the Man spin off towering tornadoes of dust… a good reason for not being downwind.

Faces lit up by the fire, Burners and El Pulpo Mechanico (the octopus mutant vehicle) watch the Man’s last minutes at 2012 Burning Man.

Sitting and standing Burners watch with rapt attention, waiting for the Man to fall, willing him to fall. Other Burners dance ecstatically in the boulevard and on top of mutant vehicles to music blasted out by the vehicles over ear shattering speakers.

And then suddenly quiet… an arm falls off. The end approaches. Dancers cease to gyrate. The ever-present music stops. The final moments are filled with respectful silence as the Man gives up his lofty perch and tumbles into the fire below bringing to a climatic end his annual trek to the Black Rock Desert.

Arms raised in a final salute to the Man, Burners shout their goodbyes as the 2012 Man tumbles into his fiery grave.

All that was left was the burning structure that provided the Man’s base. I took this photo shortly before it too fell.

Thus ends the 2012 Man and my coverage of the 2012 Burning Man. The Man will be back in 2013. As will I.

Next I honor a homeless man with a Chevy van and a bank account, visit the Oregon Coast, drop by Organ Pipe Cactus National Park, and take an 18 day raft trip through the beautiful Grand Canyon.I will finish off 2012 with a month-long exploration of the Mediterranean Sea with stop offs in Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.