They Had a Conference on Bigfoot and I Missed It… Darn!

Peggy Mekemson holds hands with large Sasquatch

Peggy holds hands with a very big Bigfoot/Sasquatch in Ocean City, Washington. BTW… Is that an SST being followed by a flying saucer up in the sky? (I think the SST was honking.)


You don’t have to know much about me to know that I am a Bigfoot/Sasquatch fan. How could I not be, having the world’s only Bigfoot trap about three miles away from where Peggy and I live? People seriously thought they might catch the big fellow, or his wife, or the kids back in the 70s. They even hired an old miner to keep an eye on the trap, outfitting him with a tranquilizer gun and a very large set of handcuffs. The fact that they never caught him may be a comment on his existence— or the fact that he was a lot smarter than the people trying to catch him. Or maybe Bigfoot is a vegetarian and wanted nothing to do with the large hunk of well-aged beef they baited the trap with— unlike the bear they did catch.

The world’s only Bigfoot trap is located about three miles from where we live. The doors have long since been welded shut and local high school students have added graffiti.

When Peggy and I traveled up to the central Washington coast a few weeks ago, you can imagine my consternation when I discovered that I had just missed a conference on Sasquatch. I’ve attended lectures before, our Genealogical Society hosted one, but never a whole conference. The Washington event even included a bona fide scientist or two. Posters, signs, and a billboard announced the ‘Sasquatch Summit.’ It would have made a fun post.

Sasquatch Summit Billboard

A billboard…

Bigfoot crossing sign

One road sign announces the conference while another warns drivers to watch out for Bigfoot crossing the road.

Sasquatch Conference poster

A poster provides details.

My dismay was countered somewhat by the fact that Bigfoot was a commercial success in the area. It seemed like everyone in the communities of Ocean Shores, Ocean City and Copalis wanted in on the action. Motels, resorts and a pub used him to advertise. The area, like many along the coast from California to Washington, is also into wood carving as an occupation. For a few hundred bucks, we could have had our own Sasquatch to bring home.

Large sasquatch 1

A close up of Peggy’s friend.

Surfing Sasquatch flashes hang loose symbol

A local motel featured Bigfoot and his buddy Bigfoot running with a surfboard while flashing the ‘hang loose’ sign.

Bigfoot surfing

Buddy Bigfoot.

Sasquatch hangs out with carved heron

The Ocean City Market, which focuses on wood carving, featured Peggy’s Bigfoot as a marketing tool and had this smaller one for sale.

Fu Manchu Sasquatch

We also found this fellow sporting a Fu Manchu mustache.

This guy up the road looked a bit more primitive.

I was looking into a puddle when I caught this reflection of Bigfoot staring back at me.

Sasquatch at Green Lantern Pub in Copalis, Wa

The Sasquatch at the Green Lantern Pub was outfitted with a clam digging shovel and a green lantern.

Green Lantern Pub BLT in Corpalis, WA

The pub featured this Bigfoot sized BLT…

BLT at Green Lantern Pub, Copalis

…that I had to sample. I don’t think eating another one is included in my New Year’s resolutions for 2018!

Women's restroom at Green lantern Pub, Copalis

And the women’s restroom at the pub featured this guy, who apparently wasn’t known for his big feet. Peggy, who is infinitely curious, just had to raise the fig leaf, not knowing that a buzzer was going to go off in the pub when she did! So, assuming you didn’t know about the buzzer, how many of you are as curious as Peggy?


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