Just a Boy and His Dog… My 11 Years at Burning Man

A robot boy and his dog check out the building of Medusa. She will show up in my next post. Beware of her eyes! (Well, maybe my next post— after I report on how the Russians used WordPress as a key tool in their efforts to disrupt the American elections of 2016.)

I often think about how are lives are impacted by robots. Peggy and I even have one of the small vacuum cleaners that runs around and cleans our floors and carpets. We call her, Robota. As I grow older, I look more fondly on the robots of the future. In 10 or 15 years from now when the world decides my driving leaves a bit to be desired, I am hoping there is a self-driving car sitting in my yard or readily available to zip me around to where I want to go. Next stop, Grand Canyon. Then there is the downside. Maybe when robots are given quantum computer brains, they will decide we aren’t necessary. I seriously doubt that they will approve of our ‘pulling their plugs,’ under any circumstances.

What’s the danger of a flower sniffing robot, however? This fellow was given one of Burning Man’s prime locations, just in front of the Center Camp Cafe bordering on the Playa. The woman provides some perspective on his size.
Fido appears a little questionable. Maybe she is howling at the moon.
It appears our robot is more sinister here. What happened to the rider of the bike he is holding? Is it time to run?
This robot looks like it was an extra in a 1950’s sci-fi movie.
No question here. Run for it!
Spotting this creature, I’d want a bunch of Burners between me and it.
I think the red eye glowed a dangerous red at night.
A bit more personality.

Aliens are another matter. Maybe they are already here. I’ve blogged several times about the UFO I saw over Sacramento circa 1968. If there are aliens, it seems obvious to me that they would show up at Burning Man. Think about it: a remote desert where it is easy to disguise yourself and people don’t care if you are an alien. Each year there are a number of candidates.

This guy shows up as a master of ceremonies every year at the annual costume contest. What better way to infiltrate Burning Man?
This one showed up in our camp and demanded a beer, an expensive beer. (Photo by Tom Lovering.)
I’ve always been suspicious of purple people. Remember, “He was a one eyed, one horned, flying purple people eater?” Or are you too young?
Or maybe their disguises are more subtle. Slap on a few tattoos and you can get into any party at Burning Man.

Flying saucers aren’t unheard of in the Black Rock Desert. One year we even had one crash.

How much more attractive can a flying saucer get? Aliens contracted with a group of kids in the Bay area to create this one.
But then there was the crash…
Rumors were that a human the aliens had captured was a notorious back-seat driver and had caused them to crash.
The way she buddied up to aliens later seemed to confirm this suspicion.
Undoubtedly part of the crew.
Alien buzzards tend to be a little scary.
And they may be the reason that there are so few alien bodies found. They are also known to snack on Big Foot, or is that Big Feet?

Enough on Invaders from Outer Space. My next post will feature invaders from Russia.

Have Aliens Landed at Burning Man?

What better evidence could there be than a crashed UFO on the Playa that aliens are carefully monitoring Burning Man?


I am continuing my exploration of the humorous, whimsical and weird sculptures of Burning Man today and tomorrow. Today I want to focus on possible alien influence…


I saw a flying saucer once, so it is not surprising that I would assume this buzzard that I am petting came from outer space. (Photo by Peggy Mekemson.)

One of my blogging friends from Canada wonders what aliens from a UFO might think if they landed at Burning Man.  Would they feel right at home? Would anyone even recognize them? (Well here’s a secret, Sue, a top-secret, a ‘for the President’s eyes only’ type secret. They already have! Don’t tell anyone, however. There is dire punishment. You will be forced to cross the border and live at the White House.)

My post today features irrefutable proof of aliens at Burning Man. There are orange aliens and blue aliens and buzzard aliens. There are Burners who may or may not be aliens. Who would know? There are flying saucers and baby aliens and monster aliens. There are even alien robots. But most frightening of all, the most horrifying thing, is the alien BLOB.

And all of this is true, I swear. Or is that fake true?

If further proof of alien presence at Burning Man is needed, consider this UFO. Before landing at Burning Man, it was seen in the Bay Area, and just about everyone knows that the Silicon Valley is under alien influence, not to mention UC Berkeley.

Alien robots are often found out in the Playa and in Black Rock City.

I wandered into a tent and was met by this fellow. Note the eyes on this fellow and on the guy above…

Now check out these eyes! This alien cycled into our camp and demanded a cold beer.

This monster robot and his alien dog (photo left) hung out in front of the Center Camp Cafe.

Who could ever deny that this monster came from another galaxy.

Or this alien baby?

Its mama, a famous ballet dancer on her planet, had stopped off at Burning Man several years earlier. She must have left an egg.

Peggy snuggled up with this orange alien for a photo. The fence in the background tells you that you have arrived at the Outer Limits of Burning Man, where you would expect aliens to hang out.

Sure enough, we soon found their camp.

An alien cat…

And the alien buzzard I stopped to pet.

As for Burners (the inhabitants at Burning Man) it’s hard to tell who might be an alien. I figured this guy definitely had alien blood. Either that or he had just stuck his finger in a light socket.

There is no doubt about this purple man. It is rare that the aliens are so obvious.

Another obvious alien. This one had six limbs, two from her torso and four from her head.

And don’t you just know that there have to be aliens in this group. The one on the left with his wild hair, limited vision, and small hands seemed the most suspicious to me.

And for my final proof, I submit this blob we found out on the playa one day. I am pretty sure that it is dedicated to reproduction and world domination.

Here’s a close up for my last photo of the day.

Tomorrow’s Blog: Another post on the humorous, whimsical and weird  sculptures of Burning Man.