8 thoughts on “Mendocino cat made of chicken wire

  1. Dear Curtis and Peggy,

    In your blog essay published Dec.18, 2015 you mentioned that you found this cat made of chicken wire in a shop next to the Gallery Bookshop in Mendocino, California. I have a similar one, probably created by the same artist (artist unknown), which I bought two months ago in Taichung, Taiwan. The shop owner told me that she bought it in Mendocino, but have no idea about the name of the artist.

    Is it possible that you or Peggy might know who did these beautiful cats? Do you know the artist? Do you remember the name of this art and craft shop next to the Gallery Bookshop in Mendocino?

    I love the cat that I bought and would like to dig out more about the artist. I would appreciate if you can provide more information.

    With regards,
    C. Wu

    • I really wish I could help you, C. Wu. I went back and looked at my photo. No help there. Then I looked at a map of Main Street showing the shops. There is an antique shop next to the book store, but I couldn’t find an art shop or boutique. I really liked the cat as well. –Curt

    • Dear Crix
      I dealt with you in June 1999 when you were at Sotheby’s Taipei, on the Yun Gee painting! I am still in Santa Monica, California. Have never been back to Asia but wondered what had become of you, if you’re still in the art business. Looks like you’ve been active in the Sanyu project. This inquiry you made in 2016 is the latest trace of you on the net. Somewhere I have a photo of us holding the painting at your offices. Best, Jon Berg.

      • Hi Jon, I do remember admiring that cat in Mendocino Ca. and including it in one of my blogs. But beyond that I never been to Taipei or had any connection with the Sanyu project. It’s somebody else, but thanks for the inquiry. Curt Mekemson

      • Curt, I thought I was responding to Crix Wu who had commented on your thread. Didn’t realize I was writing to YOU. Sorry about the mixup. Jon

  2. Hi Curt,

    This is fine. I spent some time yesterday checking through all the art related shops nearby. Finally I discovered these wonderful animal wire sculpture in a gallery called the Highlight Gallery. From their website I found the artist who made these cats, her name is Elizabeth Berrien, so called “the Wire Lady”. She’s quite a legendary in the field if you look at her website:



    Thank you so much for your quick reply and hope you all the best.


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